Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically | 11 Super Tips & Tricks

Are you confused about growing basil?

Here is the guide you need to grow basil indoors.How to grow basil Agriculture Novel

Do you know that hydroponically grown basil has more aroma, taste, flavour than the traditional method! NUTRITION VALUE OF BASIL

It is because the hydroponics method delivers nutrients to the fullest!

It’s just like giving the exact nutrients it wants!

Have you ever got a chance to eat classic sweet basil and bush basil?

They are the most consumed variety worldwide and everybody’s favourite!

If you want to know more about varieties of basil checkout to HYDROPONIC & CONTAINER BASIL VARIETIES COMPARISON CHART (Article by johnny’s selected seeds).

Do you know growing Herbs are much more profitable than leafy greens?

Because people consume more (because of its aroma and nutrition) so it has a huge market depending on the area you live in.

And it’s quite easy to grow!

How to Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically-

How many days for Germination to Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically?

Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically | 11 Super Tips & Tricks
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  • Basil requires 3 to 10 days to germinate!
  • You can germinate them in Rockwool (most preferred) or cocopeat or Rooter plugs.
  • 23°C is best for germination!

Do you can save money by cloning basil instead of buying seeds!

After how many days to Transplant to grow basil indoors Hydroponically?

Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically | 11 Super Tips & Tricks
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  •  After a 3-4 leaf appearance, you can switch to your hydroponic system!
  • NFT and RAFT System is best for basil although it can be grown by any means!
  • after transplantation, it takes  3-5 weeks to stabilize and mature sufficiently!

Growing Conditions to Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically-

  • Do you know Basil likes warm growing areas!
  • 24°–28°C if best for having maximum yield!
  • The shape of basil leaves is such that it catches more water and hold it so controlling condensation is very important you should try to keep our humidity between 40–60% in the growing area & basil transpires heavily in the dark period of keep humidity always to the given limit!’
  • There would be good airflow, not wind but the breeze is enough for best results!

How to Prune Basil correctly-

  • Pruning is the most important management in herbs, especially in basil!
  1. Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically | 11 Super Tips & TricksDo not pinch herbs Invest in sharp sheers! you can damage the foliage by pinching.
  2. Have you ever noticed in a young basil plant buds(lateral buds) on the side of the stem which won’t grow starts growing when the main stalk is damaged they can be called backups!
  3. This means that if you clip the stem right above those lateral buds (a half-inch or so), the buds will be triggered to grow out. By pruning basil this way, you can increase the production of that branch and control the shape of the plant!
  4. A pruned plant looks better, yields more, and can be easier to transport depending on your growing method.
  5. Notice multiple pairs of lateral buds on the plant. Cut the plant above the second pair of buds because cutting 2nd pair at the stalk by doing that doesn’t stop airflow and light penetration and the relative humidity will be optimum.
  6. Encourage lateral root for more yield.

Foliage care to Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically-

Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically | 11 Super Tips & Tricks

  •  You should just pull them off soon as you see any affected leaves because one stick to the other leaves and damage them, others become a sponge and drip onto the other leaves, and others grow fungus.
  • In short, keep clean around the plants you grow.
  • Eliminate all of your bitter basil by harvesting before bolting to flower throwing out any old/tough growth.

Planting space required to Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically-

  • 8-12 inch space between plants is enough!

Lighting duration required Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically-

  • 10to15hrs Led light is enough!

Nutrients required to Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically-

  • Nutrients requirement is the same as lettuce so check out Secrets to Grow Lettuce Seamlessly.
  • Basically, herbs like more Ca and Mg.
  • K and Ca ratio has a direct relation with the oil and flavour of the basil.
  • Add Mg 50ppm to your nutrient for the best taste and aroma!
  • Maintain Ph 5.5-6.2 and slightly higher if you have an aquaponics system!

Do know how to make a hydroponic nutrient solution recipe? Check out the link

When can you Harvest your Basil-Harvesting Basil

  • You can harvest your basil in the 10th week after selling or consuming which happens after 5 weeks of stable leaves production!)
  • Once the plant has become 40-50 days old, you can start picking its leaves.

Basil Plant Troubleshooting-Basil Diseases Agriculture Novel

  • Fungal diseases like Fusarium wilt and  Dampening off is common in basil (more info check out here.)
  • All basil are prone to attack by aphids and whiteflies, sometimes thrips.
  • You can enhance disease resistance by supplying proper nutrients and by keeping the area clean and sterilized.

Post Harvesting Mistakes of Basil-Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically | 11 Super Tips & Tricks

  • Basil requires SPECIAL post-harvesting care
  •  If you store basil leaves at temp. below 12°C, it doesn’t have the cellular machinery to deal with those temperatures. A few warm-weather crops respond to cold temperatures with rapid blacken and decay.
  • If you pack basil in poly bags or cartons that reduce moisture loss (plastic with little or no air exchange), be sure to keep storage temperatures stable to avoid condensation.
  • Vented bags work best for basil.
  • Keep it around 12–18ºC At this temperature, it can attain a shelf life of 12 days
  • You can keep it in a jar of water (for home consumers).

You can learn more about storing basil check-out here


  • I hope I have covered everything about growing basil if anything is missing let me know in the comment box
  • And I would be happy if you share this article with an urban farming enthusiast!
Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically | 11 Super Tips & Tricks
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Grow Basil Indoors Hydroponically | 11 Super Tips & Tricks
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