Grow Lettuce Indoors Hydroponically | Secret Tips & Tricks.

How to grow lettuce AGRICULTURE NOVEL


Lettuce is the world’s highest demanding leafy green!

Growing and selling lettuce is a great business plan for hydroponics enthusiasts!

There are four are general Morphology for lettuce i.e –

Lettuces are relatively easy to grow hydroponically, and it requires fewer efforts to grow, unlike other leafy greens!

(NFT) is commonly selected of lettuce rather than raft technique.

Lettuce and other leafy greens can be grown in organic NFT Systems.



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Temperature required to grow lettuce indoors hydroponically-

  • Since lettuce, as well as most leafy greens, are cool-season crops, it is best to keep the air temperature between 46 and 75°F (8 and 24°C).

If it is not in between these temperatures then you might see these symptoms-

  • Bolting,
  • Tipburn,
  • Loss of colour,
  • Poor germination.

Tap on bolting if you don’t, know what is bolting.

Do you know, just like another cold season leafy green lettuce starts bolting or turn bitter in taste if air temp. is high and light intensity is high!

Tipburn, death of the leaf margins due to  Ca-deficiency, is another problem that is primarily associated with high temperature that stimulates rapid growth and slow water movement into the plant.!!

So now you can avoid that by giving them what they want!

Tip burn can be easily avoided by giving more Ca in nutrients and by selecting the right varieties which is less susceptible to tip burn!

High humidity kills lettuce by reducing transpiration which cools leaf surfaces resulting in less nutrient uptake and being highly prone to fungal diseases like botrytis and mildew.

Growth medium used to grow lettuce indoors hydroponically?

  • Rockwool is preferred for germination and after germination, the cubes containing the emerging seedlings are set in the NFT trough or hole!
  • The rooting medium can also be a mixture of various coconut fibre and perlite.

Dimensions for NFT to grow lettuce indoors hydroponically?

  • In your NFT system, weather pipe or anything depth should be 1.5 to 3.5 inches and troughs are set on a slope of 1 to 2%.!

Flow Rate of nutrients in NFT?

  • 0.5 L/min is the best to flow! It must be sufficient to keep the roots moist and spacing must be enough to avoid overlapping of leaves and roots

Nutrient requirements to grow lettuce indoors hydroponically?

Macronutrients for lettuce Agriculture Novel
Macronutrients for Growing lettuce
Micronutrients for lettuce Agriculture Novel
Micronutrients for Growing lettuce

Do know how to make a hydroponic nutrient solution recipe? Check out the link

By the way, some of the common disease in lettuce is. Lettuce has a high requirement for the micronutrients Mn, Mo, and Cu and a medium requirement for B and Zn.

Measures to avoid damage to Grow Lettuce indoors Hydroponically-

  • Bottom rot, downy mildew, drop, and mosaic
  • The common insect pests are leafhopper, leaf miner, and looper.
  • Don’t worry if you have a sterilized and clean NFT system but you should have knowledge about integrated pest management.

Some Additional Facts to Grow Lettuce indoors Hydroponically-

  • The red colour in red-leaf lettuce will increase at lower air temperatures
  • Lettuce growth is reduced if the temperature is below 10-12°C
  • Head size is responsive to CO2 level if there is a low flux of radiant energy per unit area!



Grow Lettuce Indoors Hydroponically | Secret Tips & Tricks.
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Grow Lettuce Indoors Hydroponically | Secret Tips & Tricks.
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Grow Lettuce Indoors Hydroponically | Secret Tips & Tricks.
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Grow Lettuce Indoors Hydroponically | Secret Tips & Tricks.
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