Do you know what is microgreens? Studies have shown that some of the fully grown veggies have the same amount of nutritional benefits as microgreens in just one bowl.

What is Microgreens?

Microgreens are the second stage of seed development with the first true leaves from a seedling of vegetables or any herb.

They are about  2-3inch tall which tastes similar to the vegetable is grown for eg: Microgreens of radish, the taste and flavour will be like a radish, just like that beetroot microgreens taste just like beetroot.

There are various varieties of microgreens including turnips, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, chard, lettuce, spinach, arugula, amaranth, cabbage, beets, parsley and basil and many more!

Do you want to learn to grow microgreens quickly & to know other health benefits?

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Tiny little cute leaves of most of the microgreens get ready for harvest in 12 to 14 days.

Some Microgreens have those nutritional benefits which a fully grown doesn’t have!

So why don’t we ace to grow microgreens at our home?

Nowadays people are more health-conscious and understanding the importance of fresh, locally grown food.

Do you know that mineral and vitamin content is declining in several types of fruits and vegetables, especially calcium, iron and magnesium content declined by 20-30% in veggies.

It is found that veggies available to us have already lost the majority of its nutritional value because of getting too much old once it reaches your fork.

Nowadays people started seeing why local food is so important as time to reach your plate is decreased and it has the whole nutritional benefit which you need for your better life!

And also local food reduces the consumption of fossil fuel any environmentally friendly.

Microgreens give various health benefits which a fully grown give less.

Microgreens. give us a strong dose of digestible vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. They provide the quick nourishment we need in our daily lives.

As harvested very early, microgreens are delicate, tender with a high aroma and taste. They have a crisp yet melt-in-your-mouth texture and a variety of flavours which range from sweet to savoury to spicy your taste buds enjoy their intense flavour, your body will reap the benefits of their best nutritional values!

Also, they add beauty to their colours and looks so cute and can be packed with great taste, these little greens can be added to anything you eat!

Eaten alone as a salad or added to soups, sandwiches, burgers, or just anything else you can imagine!

Microgreens will enhance your food nutrition and your overall health integrating microgreens into your diet can be super easy.

And the best part is:

  • It requires a very minimal initial investment to start and once sown, you can start earning in just two to three weeks!
  • It requires minimal space.
  • Very easy to learn to grow.

What is Microgreens, Sprouts and Baby Greens?

Difference between microgreens ,sprouts and baby greens

What really matters to grow Greens:-

  • Quality of soil it was grown in,
  • How you harvested,
  • Harvesting schedule.
  • Harvest Using sterilised and sharp scissors.
  • Harvesting time(should be done in the cool hours of the day  to keep nutrition intact)
  • How you treat it after harvesting,
  • The packing and transportation
  • Using high-quality soil will ensure high minerals and trace elements are available to your microgreens.
  • How old it is once it reaches your fork.

Benefits of microgreens-

It is found that the young broccoli has  23-52 times more sulforaphane than the fully grown. And Cruciferous microgreens(brassicas: broccoli,  cabbage) prevents cancer because of their rich compounds which can directly be consumed by having their microgreens grown at your home!

To read more about health benefits and nutrition check out the link.

To know the correct things required for growing microgreens and the Secrets behind them Click Here!

What is microgreens | 3 stages of growth |
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